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ASP.NET Development

Today’s global world of business never stops. So it is imperative for businesses to find ways to reach their customers and strengthen their workforce in order to perfectly bridge time zones and meet specific end user requirements. For that businesses need to operate at an unprecedented speed and at a highly dynamic scale that is only possible by switching to modern business applications.

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and a leading ASP.NET application development company, Iblesoft can help do this with web application development & Dot.Net development services. Our ASP.NET developers attain over 10 years of experience and can solve any issue or build any Dot.Net programming project. We have worked with large enterprise Software Development projects as well as small development projects and they have all seen positive results.

We take pride in working with a real vision and pursuing a mission to deliver custom solutions for clients across industries in order to enhance business operations and facilitate growth all over.

Our ASP.NET development team also aims at achieving a high position in the IT world by providing only high quality services. Learning new technologies and aligning our services with the latest trends do part of achieving that goal.

With Iblesoft, you can be sure that not only will your business gain a new solution, it will also have around the clock maintenance and support because our success comes from the success of our clients.

Through the experience we’ve gained through out the years we have always been able to put our services to good use and continue to enhance them.

Our services already allow us to provide quality business solutions that are perfectly customizable, flexible and scalable for all business sizes.

Part of the flexibility of ASP.NET development is frameworks. There are many traditional and open source frameworks out there, but you need to pick the right framework that can support your business, budget and continuity. We at Ible­soft can select the appropriate framework to meet your business needs and goals.

Here are few frame works we are experienced in:

Middle-Tier: Putting to use the latest multi-tier technologies and ASP.NET framework for the web services, we strive to build and deploy distributed applications in the most advanced manner.

Infrastructure: We, with our team of experts in information technologies (such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), common language runtime, COM+, SOAP, and Extensible Markup Language – XML) and the ASP.NET Framework can build, deploy, operate and integrate XML web services and develop customer-oriented enterprise applications as well as make integration of complex systems simple.

User Interface: We also have an extensive amount of experience in UI technologies that we put to use in order to enhance our client’s business operations. You can learn about our UI and UX development services here.

However, our capabilities with Microsoft technology have expanded greatly since we began working in the software industry and are proud to offer the best ASP.NET services in these areas:

Web Application Development

  • Custom Coding: .Net, HTML, DHTML, Xml, Javascript, CSS
  • DotNetNuke Content Management System
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • MVC Framework
  • Web Services And WebAPI
  • Built for Windows, Mac, or Linux

Domain Name Registration

  • Domain Name Recovery
  • DNS Management

Site Security

  • SSL Certifications
  • Custom Server Directory Security
  • Custom Site Security Applications
  • Hacker-Proofing

You can trust Iblesoft, we are a:

Microsoft Gold Partner - Iblesoft



Start Up Business

Start Up Business

We help startup organizations take their first steps into the world of global business opportunities through our quality web design and development services. A strong web presence can exude professionalism and bring a large number of business opportunities.

With a professionally and skillfully developed website from Iblesoft you can gain leads online and enhance your business operations.

Buyers are looking for services and products online now more than ever. By simply having a website you already increased your chances of attracting new leads.

Our team of expert developers can provide ASP.NET web development solutions for startup businesses so they can showcase their business services or products 24 /7 without having to hire a team for 24/7 support services.

Start out strong by taking exceptional and professional web services from Iblesoft.

Small Business

Small Business

For small businesses, we offer customizable solutions that will help improve business operations to a limitless extent. We also help small companies develop or revamping their corporate websites or web applications in order to increase the level of efficiency in their businesses.

Just as how we have over 10 years of experience in PHP development we actually acquire more experience in ASP.NET development. We ourselves have developed our own ASP.NET applications and really trust the great benefits that ASP.NET projects bring to businesses across all industries.

We are highly devoted to help small businesses excel. We strive harder and harder to provide solutions that will really help smaller businesses find new ways of gaining better business opportunities as well as gain unbeatable success in their business operations.

At Iblesoft, our team of experts in various technologies can provide small business myriad web development solutions or web app development solutions. But, we also offer marketing solutions such as SEM, SEO, SMM and SMO solutions as a way to help strengthen market presence and reach new targets.

If you wish to know more about how our services can help your business specifically, contact our consultants. They’re ready to help your small business grow.

Enterprise Business

Enterprise Business

For enterprises, we offer solutions as a “solution partner” in order to help large companies manage or maintain their high level of success or reach new horizons in their business.

Building Next-Gen Business Applications

We offer business application development services with a focus on both existing and innovative concepts of technology and business ethics. We infuse into business applications, the kind of experience, that users are looking for to really unlock their true potential.

Applications developed by Iblesoft are fully crosschecked to make sure they are compatible with PCs, mobile devices or any other internet-enabled device. This guarantees paramount accessibility. With our app development process browser compatibility errors are 100% eliminated so quality user-experience is also guaranteed.

ASP.NET Enterprise Technologies:

ASP.NET MVC with HTML5 support

  • Extensively used for the development of customizable mobile web apps and mobilized web projects
  • CSS3 – for less script or easy coding (minimal coding)
  • Java Script and JQuery for client-side programming
  • MVC allows Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) customizations
  • Restful URLs are an integral part of MVC


Single Page Application (SPA) is based on ASP.NET MVC, HTML5/JavaScript, Knockout, and Breeze technology.

SPA, in simple words is a design pattern not a framework. It can be perfectly implemented using ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript libraries like Knockout (for supporting the MVVM pattern within JavaScript) and the Breeze JavaScript library for advanced data management and JavaScript frameworks like Durandal.

SPA is particularly used for developing highly interactive web applications, smooth UI updates (minimum server page reload and visible round trips) or when including significant client-side interactions using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

  • Consume ASP.NET Web API services from JavaScript.
  • Take advantage of the open-source Signal R JavaScript client library for bi-directional communication between the client and server.

HTML5 Client for Light Switch Projects

HTML5 Client is mostly used for development of mobile applications or modules that are highly data-driven. The Light Switch HTML5 client is the easiest way to develop applications that comply with any browser on any internet-enabled device.

  • Take advantage of CSS3, JavaScript, and OSS JavaScript libraries like jQuery Mobile and themes.
  • Coupled with the end-to-end Light Switch runtime server engine that’s built on top of ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Web Pages

Create dynamic web content with a combination of server code with HTML by focusing more on ASP.NET Web Pages and Razor syntax.

We are experts in .NET technology and can deliver solutions that can make it possible for all our clients to gain the highest level of efficiency in their business operations. By using ASP.NET technology we can offer flexible and scalable solutions.

Manage & Support

Manage & Support

At Iblesoft we can enhance the business practices within your organization and shoot towards delivering more value to your business services and/or products. We are always focused on contributing more every industry through our unmatched expertise and leadership in the IT world.

With Iblesoft, it is easier to improve your business value with our team of experts. They provide comprehensive website or web app or software application development services for you to empower and excel in your business. Within those services are management and support of your ASP.NET-based project. You can count on us to go beyond development.

Our Iblesoft Web Services include:

  • – Custom Design And Development
  • – Migration Services
  • – Third Party Integration
  • – Support Applications
  • – Solutions Architecture
  • – Data Services
  • – SEO Friendly Development
  • – Web Analytics
  • – Shopping Cart Services
  • – Marketing Services

Begin Your ASP.NET Project

Start with Our Consulting Services
consulting pic
Application management Services
Application Management

Application Management is a key part of our business. We provide maintenance and support for every application.  Maintenance services may include flow modification, trouble-shooting, new user training, accepting changes and improving error handling and security protection. To perform these actions 24/7, a committed, experienced team is essential.

Iblesoft, in providing application management, maintenance and support, will follow a strict process, giving your business the maximum value at a significantly reduced cost.

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Choose the Process that Works Best for You


Reduce time to market
Reduce development costs
Integrate testing into the development process
Reduce maintenance and support costs
Launch in global markets faster and more cost effectively than in the traditional build-then-localize model
Product Development


The transformation of a concept into a product goes through our well-defined development process aimed to deliver complete product life cycle solutions to our clients.

Vision map
Product features & goals
Risk management document
Issues & bugs control
Requirement definition
Functional specification
Product release plan
Project schedule
Detailed design
Design reviews
Test planning
Updated schedule
Features development
Configuration management
Testing code
Test scenarios
Bug fixing
Risk Management plan
User Acceptance test
Auto test scripts
Release notes
User manuals
Product release (could be Beta release)
Meet & Plan
You will meet one of our business analysts who will analyze your business and work with you on your project. A Business Requirements Document is then created. A BRD is essential to a successful project. It represents the “Blueprint” to your project. This not only allows you, the client, to understand what you are buying but also allows the developer to construct an effective product that addresses your exact needs.
At this stage we will define the proposal and the pricing allocated to each area of development, providing specific project time and cost estimates. The project milestones are discussed and any recommended changes or additions are made. This also includes meeting your assigned project team members. Most of our projects include at least 3 – 4 team members.
Design & Build
All projects are designed and approved by the client in order to start the building process. This way we ensure that the clients’ requirements are understood and eliminate the need for future revisions. Once a design comp and wire frame are approved we will begin to code.
During this step we are able to review the progress and make recommendations on a live demo server. Then testing can begin. Iblesoft is an ISO certified company, which means we will create and examine your project using ISO certified standards.
Deployment & Support
Upon completion, we will deploy the software within your production environment and provide you with your test cases and source code. Iblesoft also offers ongoing support and development if necessary, to ensure your product is scaled properly.
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ASP.NET Technologies

ASP.NET is an integral part of various types of apps that run on Windows. The Dot Net framework is used to build & run Next-Gen apps and XML web services, but also supports a full range of approaches for developing all kinds of projects.

Our clients can expect us to provide quality application development services. Our Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists can provide robust application development solutions, no matter how small or big your requirements are.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF):

When it comes to desktop applications and graphic-intensive scenarios then the most preferred Dot Net technology is WPF. If you are looking for an exceptional application with a focus on UI complexity, ideal customization and lots of graphics then WPF is the best choice. It is even easier to carry out migration from WPF to Windows Store Apps rather than from Windows Forms.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF):

Purposefully used to carry out a non-HTTP transport or when SOAP interoperability is needed, WCF is the way to go. It uses any protocol (including HTTP, TCP, or named pipes), data formats (such as SOAP, Binary or JSON) and hosting processes. This technology is always best suited for RPC-style (task/command-oriented) services and for enterprise inter-application communications.

WCF Data Services:

Particularly used in most data-oriented or data-driven applications WCF Data supports OData. It can simplify the process of development, but offers less flexibility and control than ASP. NET Web API.

Workflow Services:

This is used if your service logic is internally Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Externally, this is really a WCF service.

It should be said that an eCommerce platform that’s multi front, is designed and developed on the powerful ASP.NET Web App framework. By using Web Forms, Web APIs and the MVC ASP.NET Web App framework ASP.NET components can be easily customized or managed. This can further facilitate the development of eCommerce solutions that perfectly sync with any business requirements.

What is .NET?

Dot Net, one of the most remarkable software technologies today, is a framework technology that is integrated with multiple technologies on a SaaS basis. The .NET framework is composed of a Platform, Products and My Services to develop multiple type of applications.

Platform – the .NET Framework and its tools

Products – MSN.NET, Office.NET, Visual Studio.NET, Windows Server & Programming Languages (C++. NET, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET and C#)

My Services – set of XML Web Services such as messenger, contacts, email, profiles, location and app settings.

What is ASP.NET?

Active Server Pages (ASP) has been a top choice for developers that are looking to build dynamic websites on Windows Web Servers. The fact that its built into every Microsoft Windows-based server is the key component if its popularity. Alongside the simplicity of flexible scripting via several languages, ASP.Net is by far the best web app development technology out there.

Visual C#:

Visual C# is a simple object-oriented, type-safe language that allows programmers to design and build Windows applications for smart devices, mobile clients, or other embedded devices. As well as database tools, web services, database components, controls and many more. Visual C# facilitates console application development which are applications that may not require graphical UI. But at the same time supports the process of accessing web services and creating components like user controls and other components for the .NET Framework.


Visual Basic .NET is one of those languages specifically designed for CLR and the .NET Framework. The best things about VB.NET is that it allows VB developers focus more on inheritance and structured error handling. This in turn makes writing applications that interact with its users much simpler.


Winforms or Windows Forms provide a way to design beautiful and graphic user interfaces. Iblesoft has great command over Graphical Application Programming Interface (API) facets to deliver exactly what our clients are looking for.

Web Services:

Web Services is better defined as a way of communicating over the World Wide Web. W3C defines web services as a software system that is designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. It has an interface described in a machine-processable format (specifically WSDL). Every other system interacts with it in a way as prescribed or the description given using SOAP messages which are typically conveyed using HTTP with an XML serialization in conjunction with other Web-related standards.


For creating and consuming data APIs, OData is a standardized protocol that is built on core protocols like HTTP and commonly accepted methodologies like REST. The result is a uniform way to expose full-featured data APIs. It allows access to information from a variety of sources including relational databases, file systems, content management systems, and traditional Web sites among others.

Web APIs:

ASP.NET Web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is a framework that lets programmers build HTTP Services that can reach a large number of clients, including browsers, mobile devices as well as certain MVC features such as controllers, routing and so on. Its an ideal platform used for building RESTful apps on the .NET Framework. Although its similar to ASP.NET MVC (since it displays certain MVC features such as controllers, routing, action results, model binders, etc.), it actually isn’t a part of the MVC framework.

Iblesoft, with a team of talented developers adept in multiple technological platforms, can also offer trusted solutions when it comes to data solutions. We are highly experienced in various data development technologies within Microsoft’s data platform.

Language-Integrated Query (LINQ):

LINQ can offer a convenient way to execute queries against data resources of any kind. These include but aren’t limited to CLR objects, XML, classes generated by the Entity Framework (LINQ to Entities) and DataSet objects in ADO.NET (LINQ to DataSet).

Entity Framework (EF):

Use of the entity framework is always recommended. When you are looking for quality setup procedures then EF can really facilitate the process. In comparison to relational databases, the Entity Framework makes it easier to provide a strongly typed LINQ data access experience. This framework automatically generates lightweight .NET classes to map exactly in line with relational databases structures. Even mapping and the entity data model (EDM) can be controlled or customized as required.


ADO.NET is the evolution of ADO. It provides better platform interoperability and scalable data access. ADO.NET also provides consistency when it comes to accessing data sources, including: Microsoft SQL Server or other data sources through OLE DB and XML. With it, its easier to retrieve, manipulate and modify data through data sharing consumer applications built on ADO.NET.

ADO.NET uses generic XML representations that provide a convenient method for effective transmission of data across any network. This even includes those networks that have restrictive parameters. ADO.NET also uses XML tools that make it easier to perform various tasks with a focus on hierarchical queries, validation or data transformation on rational data.

SQL Server:

SQL, is a relational database management system, that makes data storage or data retrieval tasks simpler. Our experience in old and new SQL server technology is simply unmatched.

Iblesoft can provide you the solutions needed for effective enhancement of your business operations. Just, get in touch with us today to learn more about our customizable solutions.

At Iblesoft, we use result-oriented development methodologies to build solutions for our clients. Our methodologies are as follows:

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development is a methodology that we use for creative processes because it lets us have the most flexibility. With Agile Development we can apply a level of pragmatism into product delivery. In order to do this we keep coding simple, test often and deliver functional fragments of the application as we develop it. We then wait for client approval of the fragmented bits before continuing development. This is a different approach from the typical process of delivering the complete project first and then waiting approval from the client.

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a software development process that is based on repetition of the short development cycle. Before implementing new features, the existing design is assessed to see whether it will enable the addition of the new functionality or not. If the new functionality isn’t enabled, then the design is changed to enable it to adapt the new functionality.

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Behavior-Driven development is dependent on TDD (Test-Driven Development). This methodology involves the use of the general techniques of TDD, but with a focus on software tools to complete analysis and collaboration of the tasks for a functional design output. The specialized software tools in BDD can analyze and track behavioral changes during the development process of a software product or application. This method allows us meet client requirements in a more effective way.

Disclaimer: all of these methodologies let us meet our client’s requirements, but some work better than others depending on the client’s business model.


ASP.NET is a development framework that is extensively used to build web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting.

It supports three different development models – Web Pages, MVC (Model View Controller) and Web Forms.


MVC is a framework for building web applications using a MVC (Model View Controller) design. It is particularly used for flexible and scalable web and smart applications among others.


There are a large number of Javascript frameworks out there, but JQuery is still widely used. JQuery can be defined with the phrase “write less, do more”. JQuery facilitates using Javascript for websites. It also simplifies a lot of complex things like AJAX call and DOM Manipulation.


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google. It is a highly structured framework for dynamic web apps. It lets programmers use HTML as a template language and extend HTML syntax to express application components clearly and precisely. Learn more about our AngularJS services here.

Iblesoft posses extensive experience on all the Frameworks stated above alongside many other interrelated technologies to ensure quality development of your website, web app or business products.

Most server-side development is usually based on .NET technology. For instance ASP.NET is preferred for web development (SPA, MVC and WebForms) and ASP.NET Web API for building HTTP/REST services. Iblesoft offers such ASP.NET services to enhance businesses from all over the world. We can work with start-ups to small sized companies all the way to big enterprises and government organizations.

However, our professional ASP.NET development team offers other services as well, including:

Custom Software Development
Application Programming Services
Custom Application Development
MVC Application Development
Mobile App Development (.NET Compact Framework)
Application Development Consulting
Website & Web App Development
Enterprise Application Development
Legacy Applications, Updating, Enhancement & Support
Migration of Desktop & Web Apps to the .NET Platform
We never back down from working with a client’s requirements. That is why we offer access to a resource pool of professionals who can bring a sea of change into their businesses. Our clients then have the option to scale their team up or down based on business processes. Utilizing our resources can enhance a business enough to build a stronger competitive advantage and increase efficiency levels.
At Iblesoft, we always have something special for our partners because we owe much of our success to them. By partnering with us, you can unlock true potential and boost business productivity with certainty in project completion, quality deliverance, transparency, credibility and a renewed customer experience. With us, you can manage, execute, integrate, plan & implement software solutions for your customers easily while benefitting from our opportunities.
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