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Our Story

Iblesoft Inc. is a full service software development, global resource placement and business consulting firm based in Doral, FL. Iblesoft provides state of the art business consulting services and cutting edge technology solutions to companies of all sizes, offering them improved efficiency and profitability.

We know that IT systems are a means to an end so we work with our clients to ensure that the systems we help them design, deploy, and manage meet their specific needs. With a proven track record of successfully executing numerous prestigious tasks we built a dedication to providing quality & on time deliverables that add value and empower our customers’ business processes.

As a result of that dedication, Iblesoft became a leader in providing world-class software services and IT solutions at an international level. Also, as an ISO 9001: 2000 certified organiza­tion, we have carved a niche for ourselves in these areas over the past 13 years, which has allowed us to work on over 400 projects for clients all over the world.

Today, our position as one of the most trusted solu­tion providers fuels the dedication and enthusiasm that we instill into all of our services. Since our establishment in 2004, we have crossed milestone after milestone, slowly carving out our success. Now, we are proud to say we have a big team of 120+ profes­sionals, ready to work wholeheartedly in helping our cli­ents accrue their own success in business.

IbleSoft’s most important goal is to help our clients succeed. We speak our client’s language because we’ve been where they are before. Searching for solutions. By offering our clients the most cost-effective solutions and the necessary support to cut their IT investment costs by over 40% we are making our business your solution.

Our Skills
Custom Web App Development 90 %
Magento Ecommerce Development 95 %
SaaS Framework Development 85 %
Windows Communication Framework (WCF) Development 80 %
Mobile App Development 80 %

Iblesoft’s employees combined are producing over 600 hours of software development, business consulting and onsite resources a day. Our workforce consists of the following teams:

Onshore – Our team of onshore executives, business analysts and developers provide our customers with on demand development, technical, and consulting support.
Offshore – Our offshore team provides 24-hour development & analytical support to our clients. This team is based in Hyderabad, India & all of our employees have been with us from the start.
Our Methodologies

We adopt an innovative approach to all the projects we tackle. We prefer to use the most effective method of Software Development, which is the Waterfall Meth­od. But we also offer other result-oriented methodologies such as Agile, Scrum and Karban Software Development Methodologies. However, Agile and Waterfall are the most commonly used.

The Waterfall & Agile Development Methods both include the following:

Constant Contact
Solution Management
Our History
Our Process
We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are supported and provided with the highest quality application development and project management services our industry has to offer. That is why we use a proven strategy for managing projects and clients.
Meet & Plan
You will meet one of our business analysts who will analyze your business and work with you on your project. A Business Requirements Document is then created. A BRD is essential to a successful project. It represents the “Blueprint” to your project. This not only allows you, the client, to understand what you are buying but also allows the developer to construct an effective product that addresses your exact needs.
At this stage we will define the proposal and the pricing allocated to each area of development, providing specific project time and cost estimates. The project milestones are discussed and any recommended changes or additions are made. This also includes meeting your assigned project team members. Most of our projects include at least 3 – 4 team members.
Design & Build
All projects are designed and approved by the client in order to start the building process. This way we ensure that the clients’ requirements are understood and eliminate the need for future revisions. Once a design comp and wire frame are approved we will begin to code.
During this step we are able to review the progress and make recommendations on a live demo server. Then testing can begin. Iblesoft is an ISO certified company, which means we will create and examine your project using ISO certified standards.
Deployment & Support
Upon completion, we will deploy the software within your production environment and provide you with your test cases and source code. Iblesoft also offers ongoing support and development if necessary, to ensure your product is scaled properly.
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