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In today’s modern world, technology is growing at a faster rate than ever before, which can leave some businesses behind. You can no longer maintain the same technology and IT infrastructure that you’ve become so familiar with. These days more than half of business applications are getting migrated to the cloud from mainframes and legacy systems among others. Businesses need to keep up with the new trends and that means upgrading their existing IT application ecosystem. Iblesoft’s Integration and Migration services help customers re-engineering their applications and migrate from older platforms to new ones easily.

We spoke of this dire need to constantly upgrade to keep up, but there is also a constant need to innovate business applications. Our app migration services help businesses stay ahead of the game. Iblesoft can work with any industry all over the world to upgrade their technology ecosystem through Application Management, Integration and Migration optimization.

If you want to know more about how these services can help your business, then feel free to consult with our experts.

Quick Integrate

Many businesses choose QuickBooks as their accounting application. As businesses grow however, they often wish to integrate their accounting application with other financial and enterprise software applications to make management easier. Although it can seem like a daunting task, migrating to another accounting or ERP package and integrating QuickBooks with other enterprise applications and data sources can be simple.

When integrating to QuickBooks, Iblesoft has Quick Integrate and Migration Practice which provides power, is cost effective, easy to use and scalable. This increases operational efficiencies substantially and minimizes the need for manual entry into multiple systems, thereby improving financial controls.

Quick Integrate
Quick Books Online Icon
Automatic data synchronization between QuickBooks and your organization’s databases or any 3rd party database
Map QuickBooks data to database
Create or update objects in QuickBooks-automatically
Add customers, orders, and invoices based on activity in CRM applications as well as inventory management systems
Batch runs for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or on file drop
Data Mining Services
Data Mining Services

Report Writing

Using an existing reporting system, previously mined data or a report writer we can incorporate the necessary fields or data.

Data Migration

We can provide data migrate an old system to a new one easily.

Flex Integration

Every organization that utilizes multiple back-end applications and systems has a need for flex data integration solutions. Lack of integration leads to inefficiencies and imposes significant constraints that limit flexibility necessary to meet the ever changing business needs. Successful business mergers and acquisitions depend upon the effective integration of people, process, technology and well planned strategies.

As companies continue to evolve they require more statistical analysis of their previous sales, earnings and materials in order to make future business decisions. The key to making these decisions is data. Data Mining is a process of connecting to an existing database and extracting the data necessary to acquire the desired information. Once the targeted data are acquired, it will be modified and translated into management and executive reports. Data Mining can be a manual process or can be automated and linked to the intranet or other medium. Iblesoft provides a couple of services in respect to Data Mining and it can help you manage your integration initiatives.

Integration can help with:
Data Migration
Business and Application Integration
SaaS/Cloud Integration
Real-Time Data Integration
SOA Data Services
B2B Gateways
Data Warehousing
Master Data Management
Data Mining

Given the sensitivity of migration services, it is important to first complete a risk evaluation. Based on the results of such a risk analysis any number of Iblesoft approaches can be utilized. Our migration approaches are tailored to help organizations effortlessly move from outdated technologies to new technologies.

Our IbleM process enables organizations to manage and structure their IT architecture, thereby minimizing their IT investments and enhancing business performance.

Our migration solutions contain Database, Language, and OS migration. We provide pre and post migration support and ensure that the migration process is a smooth one without any undue performance lapse or process stagnation. Our migration solutions utilize the best-of-breed technology, resulting in sustained performance.

Organizations generally explore ways to leverage the strength of their applications while attempting to improve their accessibility or consider an application redesign.

Having expertise with several operating system platforms and database systems, Iblesoft services enable customers to focus on their core competencies and strengthen applications.

But, we can also re-engineer/re-design software applications to meet current business models. Typically, re-engineering is a way to remove long-standing problems. Iblesoft will work with your team to migrate applications to ones that satisfy current requirements and allow for flexibility and scalability for future expansion. Iblesoft services help determine the right architecture to meet business and technical requirements.

Additional Migration Services

Execution Time
Application Characteristics
Degree of Functional Enhancement
Existing Infrastructure
Implementation & Maintenance Issues
Alignment with Overall Strategic Plans

Migration Capabilities
Migration Capabilities

GUI migration
Application Implementation
Application Training
Maintenance and support
Application re-design/ re-engineer
Migration to multiple databases
Database upgrade/migration to web platforms

Phase Approach
Phase Approach

IT Infrastructure Assessment
Technology Evaluation
Resource and Skills Planning
Security & Policy Planning
Testing & Deployment
Training & Support
Needs Assessment Services

Dedicated Support