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Enterprise Application Services

enterprise application virtualization

Enterprise Application Services (EAS) is an end-to-end package application service that large businesses need to solve enterprise problems. These problems arise in key components of Business which could directly affect an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Enterprise Application Services can address: Automated Billing Systems, Payment Processing, Email Marketing Systems, CMS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, HR Management and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) among others. These concepts are all “Mission Critical” for companies worldwide. That is why in order to implement these EAS technologies, an experienced company such as Iblesoft, who has a passion to implement software is essential.

Iblesoft has accumulated enough years of experience in the Software Industry to know that Enterprise Applications are at the core of every organization’s IT structure. Our team of dedicated developers have the skills to find a balance between evolving technology and business dexterity. With such skills, experience and a strong team we can help organizations build a business solution that aligns with any future business needs.


To Build Your Business Solution

Industry Knowledge
Data Integrity
Enterprise Security
API Integration
API Implementation
Gap Analysis
Data Modeling
Data Mining
App Maintenance
App Support
Iblesoft utilizes these skills in the following disciplines:
Enterprise Application Services - Iblesoft
Enterprise Application Technologies
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A Look Into CRM Technology
Iblesoft's Experience
Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows sales managers to monitor and analyze their team’s activities so they can forecast sales and plan ahead. For sales reps, CRM makes it easy to manage customer profile and case history information, freeing up their time and empowering them with expertise.

Our CRM practice group has experience in improving an organization’s sales-force automation and call-center efficiency, to enable more timely and relevant interactions with its customers. Our implementation and customization of the following systems can help your company deliver high-quality, end-to-end solutions to enhance customer experience.

Sales Force

Sales Force has proven to be a consistent, user-friendly, stable and secure method of managing leads for companies worldwide. Iblesoft recommends this product for any company looking to interact with salespeople both remotely and on-site. We can develop integration applications like:

  • PBX Integration
      • PBX systems are responsible for managing all the communications for a business.
  • Custom Reporting
      • Time Tracking
      • Inventory Management
      • QuickBooks Integration

Sugar CRM

This is an open source product and can be used by companies in need of a Sales Force type of system, but may not have the resources to pay for licensing costs.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamic is similar to the Sugar and Sales Force Packages, but it also provides add-ons for accounting, inventory and payment processing. Using Dynamics, Iblesoft can integrate all departments within your company. Additionally, we have expertise in SAP and People Soft CRM systems.

The Benefits of CRM Technology
Use Existing Architecture
You don’t have to build a database from scratch.
Cost Control
Easy to customize by finding modules related to your project and easily integrate them.
Easy to Use
Pre-built Interfaces allow the training of users to go smoothly, everyone uses the same dashboard panel and you have a consistent workflow in your product.
CRM Software
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