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Partner with the Pros

At Iblesoft, we always have something special for our partners because we owe much of our success to them. By partnering with us, you can unlock true potential and boost business productivity with certainty in:

Project Completion
Quality Deliverance
Renewed Customer Experience

With us, you can manage, execute, integrate, plan & implement software solutions for your customers easily while benefitting from our opportunities.

You, as one of our esteem partners, can bring about a great change in your business processes. We offer mutually beneficial and rewarding opportunities for our partners and always look forward to long-term partnership programs with partners who share a common vision.

However, we do like to give our potential partners a couple of options. Hence, why we offer four types of partnership programs:

Strategic Partners
Alliance Partners
Affiliate Partners
Sales Partners

Sign Up for a Partner Program

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Partnership Benefits

Credibility from our unparalleled track record
Enhanced customer experience
Extensive and extended domain expertise
Competency in latest technologies
Intense focus on quality
Quality team of developers & consultants
Experience in executing large-scale projects
Extension of IT resources in India
24/7 technical support

Partners will receive the following

Marketing & PR Materials
Email & Phone Support
Access to Commission & Status Reports

Strategic Partners

At Iblesoft we always seek to forge alliances with leading product companies in the following areas: Value-added resale of their products, implementation and support.

Through our strategic partner program, we engage with the leading ISVs in designing and developing products, providing custom solutions, building product capability, product marketing and post-implementation support services.

Also, our consultants undergo requisite certification processes in order to provide top-quality services to all customers.

High-commission based job
Flexible work schedule
High potential for growth
Documentation and technical support provided

Alliance Partners

Our Alliance Partner Program is for anyone looking to improve efficiency in business processes. We, along with our partners, aim to deliver customer-focused enterprise solutions, well combined with the latest technology.

High tech-based solutions are offered in areas of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, custom application development, business intelligence, business process outsourcing, contact-center management and so on. Iblesoft’s aim here is to help our clients with the conceptualization, building, deployment and management of solutions for a higher ROI. We also aim to help them maintain their level of success in this competitive world of business.

Our alliance with world-class tech-driven companies actually helps us better provide leading-edge solutions and obtain real time access to the expertise and resources that our clients may be looking for in their field.

Our Alliances Charter
Partner Recruitment
Identify & recruit qualified partners to design and build value-added, requirements-based solutions to encompass a higher level of technology and business intelligence.
Partner Management
Build innovative solutions, business models & campaigns to market in conjunction with our partners because we always strive to strengthen our partnerships.
High-commission based job
Marketing and sales support
Flexible work schedule
High potential for growth
Learning opportunity
Documentation and technical support provided

Sales Partners

We offer quality benefits for our sales associates and partners. The primary role of our Sales Associates (SAs) and partners is to sell our custom software development and offshore development services to corporate companies, government entities, startups, small and large businesses, non-profits and academic institutions.

The great thing about our sales program is that our Sales Partners can work from anywhere, here within the United States or from any other part of the world. Sales Partners have a lot of flexibility and freedom within their tasks, but we expect them to have sound knowledge of our business field.

A Sales Associate or Partner is also expected to have good communication skills and access to a network of enterprise driven contacts.

As Sales partners you can count on our programmers to work under your partner identity as your own virtual offshore development team. Also, we keep our relationship limited to our partners and never approach their customers so you can feel safe in our work environment.

The Sales role comes with the following: 

On time completion of projects
Assuring a quality product
Clear contract and terms
Help customers in times of crisis
Justify pricing
High-commission based job
Flexible work schedule
Marketing and sales support
Learning opportunity
High potential for growth
Confidentiality of your business when you outsource to us
Documentation and technical support provided

Affiliate Partners

In today’s business environment, having trusted resources with complimentary skill sets can put you in a position that adds real value to your clients while also help generate additional revenue streams for your business. Iblesoft works with a wide array of Affiliate partners who trust us with handling the unique and varied requirements of their clients and associates.

Whether your business is providing Web Hosting Services, IT Consulting, Networking, Business or Software Solutions, Iblesoft offers you a great option to help your clients with their needs. With affordable pricing, a knowledgeable U.S. based program, account management and a proven track record of success; you can feel comfortable putting your name and reputation on the line with Iblesoft.

Contact us to learn more about becoming an Iblesoft partner today.

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