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Vivant Skin Care



For nearly 50 years, Vivant Skin Care has been dedicated to providing potent, medically-proven dermatological therapies. Their products have been on the wholesale market for 20 + years. They distribute them through anetwork of dermatologists, skin care professionals and spas and now available through a web store.

They wanted a new website that would provide a unique visual appeal for each category of products. As well as the ability to provide discounts for skin care professionals through a backend login portal.  This portal had to be able to register skin care professionals along with their pertinent licensing information in order to verify that they’re eligible for discounts.  Also, customers should be able to locate partner skincare professionals near their location by providing their zip code information. Consequently, Iblesoft designed a basic theme with modifications so Vivant Skin Care could choose a different visual direction for each category without deviating from the primary design direction.

We also developed a customized registration section for skincare professionals and a promotional system for those skincare professionals. As well as a custom Skin Care Professional Locator extension with the directions and mapping to reach professionals within proximity of the site visitor. Other key features included onto the eCommerce site were: Event Management Tools, Onsite Videos and Webinars and an interactive “Ask the Expert” section.

Vivant Skin Care reported both an increased sales growth and very positive feedback from its online customers and users.

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