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TransExpress is an international freight forwarding and logistics company with more than 30 years of worldwide freight handling experience located in Miami, Florida. Initially our engagement with TransExpress began small. We began by reviewing issues with their existing website. But as time went on we began to capture the vision of TransExpress. Their vision was to run as “error free as humanly possible”.

This is a tall order for most Logistic companies considering errors and stop gaps come with the territory. However, the biggest challenge for TransExpress was found within their transactions. Each transaction included an array of configurable rates, pricing levels and stop-gaps.

After several months and countless hours of meetings and gathering requirements we began to see the framework solution taking shape. Finally after roughly a year, Iblesoft, had successfully implemented over 100+ user software implementations! The implementations were complete with training, documentation, website integration, and warehouse tracking, respectively.

Technology Used:



A few activities performed using the system.

GENERATING A QUOTEQuotes can generate based on customer specifications and are mailed to the customer’s email ID. The quotation stays pending until it’s approved by the customer through their portal, email or call.

PICK UP ORDEROnce the quotation is approved, the cargo is picked up from the location and brought to the warehouse.

WAREHOUSEAdditionally, a warehouse is created with commodities information and is assigned to a warehouse until the cargo is shipped and subsequently converted into an in-house and master waybill.