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NewMedical Technology, Inc. is a global medical device company focused on providing patented and innovative surgical products and therapeutic solutions. More specifically in the areas of scar management, skin care and surgical solutions. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, NewMedical Technology is committed to continual improvement and innovation of products and services through both internal R&D as well as constant interaction with healthcare professionals and patients.

However, they are not a massive consumer products company with a scar product as one of the thousands of products offered. Rather, they focus on the treatment and prevention of scars caused by all types of surgery, trauma or burns. NewMedical uses the latest news and trials published in medical journals and have surgeons on the boards for advice. This dedication to scar management makes them experts in the field. As well as a trusted source for products that meet the latest international treatment guidelines.

The NewGel+ line of medical grade silicone products is the leading scar management solution available. Developed by doctors, NewGel+ reduces, flattens, fades and smoothes both old and new scars including hypertrophic, keloid, surgical, trauma, C-Section, cosmetic procedures, abdominoplasties, contractures, and burn scars.

Technology Used

In order to help NewMedical sell their innovative products like NewGel+ they needed a functional, but easy to use e-store. That is why we developed their online store using Magento since it is robust and scalable. Now, NewMedical can continue to sell products for a greater good.