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MoreToBlog was Iblesoft’s 1st project and it consisted of users being able to create their own unique blog with easy to use features. It was similar to Blogger.com from Google where people can easily post thoughts, interact with people and more. The MoreToBlog site became popular because users were given tailor made options for their own content. The content management system allowed them to upload content in the form of data, pictures, voice files and videos. One of the major key aspect of this project was that it attracted more customers to its parent company, KCL. MoreToBlog was a service launched by KCL as an additional service to their already long list of domain name registration and web hosting services to businesses of different sizes.


The project was done in Windows 2000 \ Linux with a compatible and user-friendly environment. MoreToBlog was web-based application in PHP on a IIS Ver4.0 – Apache server. At this time we used PHP 4.0.6 with a combination of Java Script and HTML on a MySQL database server.

This project was special, not only because it marked our beginning, but also because we worked closely with one of our global partners, KCL. We believe that service quality is the most important thing we can offer to our customers. With MoreToBlog we began developing a strong infrastructure to deliver high quality development projects. Through our humble beginning we have been able to get to where we are now as an international Software Development & Consulting company that delivers business solutions.