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The Children’s Trust is a well respected non-profit organization that has served thousands of needy children year after year. Iblesoft worked with The Children’s Trust located in Miami, Florida. We were more than excited to work not only with a local organization, but a non-profit as well. Since we were within arm’s length of their operation it was easier for us to work personally with them. In the area of the company vision, we were able to explore the importance of their website being able to display photo albums, agreements, calendar items and News Feeds. After reviewing their existing website, we performed a full database export, imported the new data into the new instance created and met all of their requirements.

Technology Used:

The decided framework for this project was Joomla. The reason we went with Joomla is due to its stable PHP CMS. But also for security considering it has been installed on countless servers. After securing the site and its components we were able to successfully implement the site with no issues.

children's trust