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KCL has come a long way since its establishment in 1996. It started off as an Internet provider to local businesses, but has grown consistently and organically throughout the years. When Iblesoft met with KCL they were looking to expand their service spectrum by moving into the development world.

KCL isn’t just another link in the chain of voice and data supply in Florida. They created of a fully resilient, MPLS network and the continuously test and adopt emerging communications platforms. As a result, KCL earned the reputation of a communications provider whose focus is on solidly addressing business requirements. They shared our passion for growth and development so we began working together in creating marketing oriented web sites.

Through our continuous relationship, Iblesoft has been able to deliver development solutions to clients like DSLI, MusicaLatina and Fagor. Together we have built and delivered systems and solution ranging from e-Commerce solutions, Content Management Systems, Graphic Web Design, Work-flow Applications, Database and Dynamic content, Community Websites, Portals and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions.

The biggest strength is the ability to work in perfect coordination with each other and excel every time. As an experienced and competent team, we work on varied technologies and are technically equipped to handle any web languages or databases. Technologies and web languages like PHP, ASP.net, JSP, Cold Fusion, Java as well as Application Program Languages like VB 6.0, VB.NET, C++ (C-Sharp), MS-VC (Microsoft Visual C++), Power Builder and client side languages like HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript. With KCL, we have been able to forge ahead steadily to meet client requirements on time and on budget.