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Dans Deliveries Usa, Inc is a privately held company based in Miami, Florida. They offer Third Party Delivery services to the greater Miami area, but wanted to set themselves up for growth. Due to the growing competition of food delivery apps now available they approached us about entering the market competition.

Dans Deliveries wanted a mobile application for both Android and iPhone users in order to expand their reach. We ultimately ended up developing their mobile app, Ding Dong, now available in the Apple and Android app store.

The Ding Dong app was a challenge for us because it had to meet certain complex requirements. But our Mobile Development team took over the project with outmost focus and dedication.

The mobile app allows customers to view and order from various affiliates. When an order is placed a push notification to the respective affiliate is sent out with all the order details.



1. Customer: Customer can view the menus from different affiliates, order the items and can track the delivery. They can also save their card on file, manage a profile and view orders.

2. Driver: When an order is placed from the customer app, the affiliate will request a driver from their login, during which different statuses are captured to the system. Waiting driver to accept, order assigned, driver on the way, picked up & delivered to name a few. Once the order is delivered, the driver gets the customer to sign straight from his/her app.

3. Affiliate: Every affiliate has a login and can view the orders placed by the customers pertaining to his/her restaurant and request a driver. Affiliates include restaurants who pay an association quote to Dans Deliveries. They can’t sign up on the App, but the system stores its information on the database.

4. Admin: Admin has a login and can create new affiliates; menus, items, rates, drivers and can view the reports.