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After being in business for over 20 years Printech decided it was time for a change. Its new owner Michael Goldman decided to contact experienced professionals that had worked with large scale implementations in the past and so they found Iblesoft. Their system was over 20 years old and had an extremely high overhead.

Printech’s core business was selling printers (that print checks) and the software to compliment it. After an in depth analysis of the company including its goals and what direction they wanted their software to go in, we decided that a .NET SAAS application was the solution!

Working with any SAAS application is complex, but in this case we had combined old methodology with new technology. As a result, the check printing industry saw a big change! Although we encountered issues solving problems like alignment and document parsing, we took it as a challenge. Once we were able to overcome that challenge Iblesoft also saw a big change. Now we provide many of our software conversion plans based on the experience that we had with Printech. Today Printech is still serving their customers with the same great technology and care that made them a staple in the check printing community and we are glad to be a part of it.

• Activities performed by the application are designing and modifying the checks using the SQL server reporting services.

• The software as a service based solution allows Printech to better serve their clients.

• The app helps find different kinds of checks and maintain the highly securable methodologies to safeguard the data. Such as the history of checks generated and assigned.

• It also generates reports using DevExpress reports.