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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business intelligence solutions address complex business issues by providing knowledge users with easy access to the right information, at any time from any place within the organization. Utilizing Business Intelligence technologies, knowledge users are able to invest more time analyzing information and less time gathering data.

When enterprise Business Intelligence solutions are implemented, organizations are able to efficiently and cost effectively transform distributed, heterogeneous, non-uniform data from various disparate sources into useable information. The Business Intelligence solution then drives the mission critical decisions for your organization.

Data warehouse and data mining methodologies help clients fully leverage their information in data warehousing and generate intelligent reports by providing the right tools and framework to the BI technical team while leaving the end results to the user community to analyze and respond.

Business Intelligence

This methodology helps organizations build an Executive Information System consisting of a set of customized, high-level, graphical views of the organization’s information, enabling executive-level management to see the overall health of their business.

Iblesoft is a leading data warehousing, business support systems integration and strategic technology consulting company. Our clients represent a wide array of industries including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Health Care
  • High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services

With proven methodologies and innovative solutions, we provide immediate value and are able to partner with our clients to ensure accelerated delivery of strategic business goals.


As companies continue to evolve, they require more and more statistical analysis of their previous sales, earnings, and materials in order to make future business decisions. The key to making these decisions is data.

Our services include both BI and consulting services in order to help clients better define their strategy and solution architecture. We also deliver and manage Data Warehousing, Reporting and Analytics solutions that focus on meeting business needs and demands.

Business Intelligence and analytics
of BI & Analytics

Our experience in business combined with our deep knowledge in software development for large businesses allows us to devise a Big Data strategy that works alongside your business to satisfy your overall goals.

Although BI tools have been around for a long time, the market is constantly evolving to meet the needs of different businesses. An understanding of BI tools is necessary in order to match your analytical needs with the appropriate tools. So, to help clients meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow, we offer consulting services.

Our consulting services will help:

  • Evolve your business intelligence capabilities
  • Achieve results from data visualizations and insights
  • Effectively handle all of your business data
  • Gain from our extensive knowledge & expertise

Our consultants will work with you to develop and define a Business Intelligence roadmap to evaluate, select and implement the tools that best work for your business.

Dedicated Support