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Tata Harper is the inventor & manufacturer of the world’s finest 100% natural, anti-aging skincare. They seek the best & most effective natural ingredients. The founder and CEO, Tata Harper, works passionately to promote a health-conscious natural lifestyle that’s committed to safety and sustainability.

Tata has been a highly successful company in the beauty industry so it was a success for us when we allocated a professional web developer to work with them directly. Our consultant scoped and developed Tata’s website using the Magento e-commerce platform. The website was originally developed in Magento, but it needed to be converted into the Magento Enterprise Version.

After converting the platform, the consultant designed, built, tested and implemented stand-alone modules for Magento including payment and shipping modules. Customized Magento’s inherent features based on client needs utilizing PHP design patterns. As well as used client-provided PSD files to implement Magento layouts, skins, and themes including customized user functionality.

Throughout the development process SVN repositories were implemented and customer data, products, and other pricing rules were imported. Proper coding standards for security and SQL injections as well as QB invoicing with a Magento API Plugin were also implemented. In the end our professional resource worked closely with Tata Harper’s team-members in order to present effective strategies for SEO and other marketing components.

Our consulting program was designed to help businesses meet their development needs through our resources. Every consultant placed works solely with one client and in order to focus on their specific requirements. Through such dedication and focus the consultant is able to deliver positive results. Upon completion of the long term development project Tata Harper received roughly $500K – $800K per month in online sales through thousands of transactions and also recorded an IP traffic of over 10,000 unique daily visitors.