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Windows XP | ASP.NET | VB 6.0 | Visual Studio .Net 2005 | ASP.NET 2.0 | C# | MS SQL Server 2000




Marine Administration and Planning was a marine administration product by VNS International, a leading provider of Software and Hardware Solutions. VNS has been serving the Marine and Hospitality industries since 1998. As a result of the success of this product, SunCruz Casinos (now Tropical Breeze Casino) decided to use it to run a major casino ship company. They had ships in Miami, Jacksonville, Carolina and several other beaches around the US. However, with such distant locations they needed a system that let them manage all of them from one location.

Through a partnership introduction from VNS we were able to work with SunCruz Casinos. They needed several modules in like Core Admin, My Navigation, Guest Management, HR Module, Point Of Sale, Player Tracking, etc. They also needed to deploy the software on new boats and make sure that all the components functioned properly.

However, there were some functionality changes needed to run some calculations and new reports to manage the operations at each location. Any bugs or small changes were taken care at the headquarters in Florida. But, sometimes the project involved visiting the boats in order to solve any issues and we did so gladly.

Additionally, any new reports or major functionality requirements developed by the offshore team, the onsite team oversaw. After completion of every major job from offshore, the onsite maintenance team correspondingly maintained weekly reports for the client as the project progressed.


  • Communicated with the client directly to know the tasks and maintenance required
  • Fixed any coding issues and wrote stored procedures or query batch files to handle certain database operations
  • Developed entirely new forms, reports or any research work necessary
  • Communicate the system requirements to the offshore team so they can handle tasks effectively & efficiently
  • Handled the POS system maintenance as well