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MyChain was a South Florida based start-up trying to bring the fun of Florida to online communities and social networks. Although they are no longer active, Iblesoft worked with them closely to build their website & User Interface.

Analysis Design & Coding Objective

We provided MyChain with a customer interface so they could sign up for products and services. This project improved the look & feel of the site, plus it implemented new features for the end users.

Our main objective for MyChain was to provide more administrative controls to maintain the site and generate more user traffic. The site flow was based on the to prompt question: “How did you hear about us?” The new user could then choose to answer “Internet, friend or search engine”. This way MyChain could have a record of users for a master report.

We also added a feature that could download the contact information from a user’s email account and trigger them to register. In addition, the events page would display all of the upcoming events and the admin could add, edit and delete events.

Once registered, users had the option to search for music and approve photos uploaded by other users. All in all, it was a great way for the local community to connect & share.