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Jamaica Bay is a gated community of manufactured homes south of Fort Myers. Its designed especially for residents who want to enjoy a fun and active lifestyle in beautiful Southwest Florida. We worked with Jamaica Bay Management to develop a Portal that had Activity, Map, and Listing Management features. Our challenge was changing from a static template to dynamic template.



This project covered the new development of Jamaica Bay Management as well as testing the main features given below. The look was provided by the client, but we create the feel of the site through an HTML, .NET with SQL Server 2000 development environment.


Amenities: also, in this page we displayed the list of facilities with options to edit or delete them. Byclicking the button below the list of facilities users could add Amenities, edit data and delete the amenity. When adding an Amenity the fields: Name, Heading, Description, and Upload Image popped up. Then, once filled out, the amenity could be saved.
Activities: Additionally, the activities page displayed the list of vacation Activities with the option to edit or delete them. Similar to amenities, the user could add Specifications, edit data and delete the specification. When adding an Amenity the fields: Name, Heading, Description, and Upload Image also popped up as well as the Save and Cancel Button.

The Admin Modules also included:

  • Login page
  • Control panel
  • Amenities Entry, Edit and Delete
  • Activities Entry, Edit and Delete
  • Map
    • Category Entry, Edit and Delete
    • List Item Entry, Edit and Delete
  • Listings Entry, Edit and Delete
  • Contact Us Entry, Edit and Delete (Address)
  • Change password

In conclusion, the over all site was able to work for resorts and clubs and their leisure activities. While at the same time also met the Jamaica Bay Management project requirements.