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ICS Service

12/20/2007 – 01/18/2008


ICS Service is located in Riverside, California and was established in 1983. They began repairing clock systems for local school districts and businesses. But, as customer needs grew, ICS Service decided to expand its services.
So now, ICS Service specializes in low voltage system designs, installation services and the monitoring of security and fire alarm systems for commercial and public entities, specializing in K-12 schools.
Project Objective:

Iblesoft worked with ICS Service to make a comprehensive website with highly qualified industry standards. We improved the designing, functionality coding & programming of a one time product deployment on the client’s server. This project included a complete website development involving template, header, footer, menus, contact and home page with a flash header.

We also implemented an administrator and user level interaction:

  • Administrator: The person who manages the entire system got the permission to add, update, print and delete the content and keep system records.
  • User: the user could access the website with a an ICS Specifications Area Log In.

In addition, the development environment Windows Operating System (Windows XP Professional) and the software used for development was ASP.NET with SQL-Server 2000. The product was made compatible with this environment as well as with any browser, version and platform (Unix / Linux / Windows).

The functionality features of the site were approved before development work commenced. Basic Content for the site was provided by Iblesoft and the client also gave a copy to Iblesoft to upload onto the website. Later on after the delivery of the website, the client updated the content for the website using the admin panel.


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