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Fagor Electrodomesticos, based in Spain is the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, the leading appliance manufacturer in both Spain and France. In addition to being the #1 induction cooktop producer in the European Market. Its truly a worldwide leader in manufacturing components for household appliances, semiconductors, numerical control systems, cookware and accessories since 1954.

Since opening their offices in 1992, the Fagor brand name has become synonymous with high-quality stainless steel pressure cookers. In 2005, they established an appliance division in the US.



Iblesoft was introduced to Fagor through a client of our partners at the time, KCL. After meeting, they then gave us the opportunity to develop their USA website using Visual Studio 2005 with SQL Server 2000 as the database. We used ASP.NET technology to design and program the website with HTML, JavaScript and DHTML implementation.

During our time working with Fagor our development team was able to design, code and test every single functionality through unit and integration testing. Some of the functionalities included the home page, products, sales network, technical support, news, entry forms and so on. Upon completing the final testing and debugging we integrated easy and effective Maintenance features as well as deployed the project on the server. It was a pleasure to work with such a prestigious company and have our team work with their team to meet every requirement.Fagor