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electrical marketplace

Electrical Marketplace offers commercial LED lighting solutions for a wide gamut of applications. Its based in South Florida, but also offers order fulfillment centers throughout the country. However, they went online in 2002 with the goal of providing high quality lighting and electrical supplies at competitive wholesale prices.

The Challenge

Electrical Marketplace had a multichannel vision, but its legacy systems were holding back the company’s success in the eCommerce world. With outdated and clunky technology their eCommerce platform only supported a limited product catalogue. Also, managing placed orders was difficult since the employees had to go through a rigorous process of identifying problems and fixing orders by line item.

Therefore, Electrical Marketplace was looking for an eCommerce platform that could help them adapt to the critically business-oriented online market. A well as handle its robust customer data and product data effectively. One of their main objectives was to support high throughput ratios and transaction volumes.

The Solution

We proposed a shift from the old technology platform to the new edition of Magento. This eCommerce platform perfectly supported the varied business requirements of the client. We launched the new site in time with a seamless design, multiple product catalogues and simple, but a highly effective navigation and checkout process. Additionally, brand value was perfectly enforced by instilling uniqueness in design and functionality to draw in a wider audience.

The Result

As a result, Electrical Marketplace was very pleased with its new website and all of the many features we integrated into it. The Iblesoft solution brought an immediate increase for the its mobile traffic, conversion rate and sales. We were happy to help establish a strong corporate identity in such a short period of time.