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EKENA BAY is recognized as a European brand of reference in swimwear. Their swimwear products are designed, developed and manufactured by highly qualified teams with over three decades of experience.

The careful selection of raw materials combined with the creativity of some of the best European designers, technical knowledge and Ekena Bay proprietary manufacturing processes, positions the brand at the level of the best manufactures in the world!

For EKENA BAY the innovation of methods involves not only technology, but also the improvement of manual confection techniques that are used in everyday production of swimwear.

EKENA BAY products are present in the best retail spaces all over Europe in countries such as France, Spain, Holland and now also in the United States. Additionally, they are the #1 creative company and swimwear producer in Portugal and one of the largest in EU.

Now that they are in the US, they let Iblesoft build and eCommerce store for their products. We were able to represent their unique and innovative background in swimwear using a PHP based site. By using our expertise in eCommerce they were able to reach a new market and expand their revenue.



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