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Editorial Link



Editorial Link is one of our newest projects. They were founded in 2012 and have already established themselves as a strong and successful business. Editorial Link partners with luxury brands to provide them with print and online media monitoring, press clipping and reporting services.

Although they are based in Miami, Florida, their media database goes beyond those boundaries. It includes over 1,000 newspapers and magazines and over 15,000 websites in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Editorial Link understands how luxury brands work through online tracking and print monitoring. They track brand names, competitors, events, logos and keywords to in order to provide their customers complete and accurate reporting results. Some of the luxury brands that they have worked with include: Cartier, Mont Blanc, Bulgari and TagHeuer among many others.

Iblesoft currently works with Editorial Link under a monthly maintenance contract. We provide maintenance and support to their custom web based .NET application. The maintenance includes fixing bugs, data backup and restoration as well as any new development. Iblesoft strongly believes in helping our customers succeed and enhance their business, which is why we like to offer support services for every project. This way every client, including Editorial Link, has access to a professional IT group in the case of any issue or question.



Editorial Link