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Doctor Dial







Doctor Dial was developed to improve medical and dental practice’s communications with their patients. Its a software that automates and customizes critical administrative communications in order to minimize staff workload and the losses due to missed appointments. With it, personalized messages, such as lab results, can be sent to patients through all the most important forms of communication in a secure way.

Our team of highly experienced developers created a program for Doctor Dial to process patient information from various sources ( i.e. ext, excel, csv ), check against constraints, normalize it by flagging down irregular records and pass valid records to a holding cue. This system enabled developers to manage the parsing and support of 1,000 accounts with minimal manual effort. The extendibility of this project was of utmost importance because it gave us the opportunity to improve systems, analyze problems, build solutions and ensure customer satisfaction.

Approach & Development Process

The following are the steps taken by us towards the development process of the Doctor Dial project:

  • Finalization of specs and scope of the project
  • Coding and programming based on client requirements
  • Testing and debugging
  • Presenting the final draft of the project
  • Once approved, deploying the project on the final server location as specified by the client
  • Final testing and delivery

With extensive working experience in PHP and MySQL we were able to develop a very refined project execution methodology that only keeps on improving.