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Cikel Group




The Cikel Group is a Brazilian group of companies operating in the timber products supply chain and iron industry. Its management is headquartered in the state of Paraná. The Cikel Group began operations in 1977 as a small-scale producer of sawn timber. Since then, the company has expanded and is now active in five states in Brazil. They also have distribution arms in Europe, the Netherlands (Cikel Europe), and North America (Cikel USA). 

Cikel Group is also a top producer of wood flooring and specializes in the manufacturing of both engineered and solid wood floors. Although Cikel Brasil Verde Madeiras Ltda is one of the largest producers of wood flooring in Brazil. Cikel USA, which is based in Miami, Florida, supplies hardwood flooring to the entire United States market. This why it was exciting to work with Cikel USA. They represented a small-scale company that went big and broke into international markets.  


This development project was a complete website upgrade for Cikel Group. It included: a starting template, header, footer, menus, contact us as well as the home page. The software used for this project was ASP.NET with SQL-Server 2000 among other components. Additionally, the software required setting up, in this environment. There were two type of user interfaces:

  • Administrator: Manages the system, has permission to edit content & keeps records.
  • User: can simply access the website

The main goal of this project was to present a comprehensive website with highly qualified industry standards.


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