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Burger King




The scope of this project was to develop a dynamic application for Burger King, a client of our partner, Original Impressions. Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. They continue to serve over 11 million people from all over the world, so working with them was an honor.

Every month Burger King builds a calendar of events and promotions that all restaurants need to be aware of. Therefore, both events and promotions had their own set of required data that needed to be implemented within the application. There are many people who work to put together the content behind every event and promotion and there’s one person (called the “Gate Keeper”) who organizes and hands off this information to creative agencies to design and prepare all the media. Once this media is finalized its put into an Adobe Flash calendar and distributed to all restaurants.


PHP | MySQL | Apache | Linux | CodeIgniter




burger king


In order to develop a user-friendly and robust system we decided to create a Content Management System (CMS)that allowed users to manage distinct data from a singlesign-on. The Calendar application was also designed for mobile and CMS to manage alerts. Interfaces under development manage calendar content and populate the calendar as well.

Once content is saved its then queued for review and a workflow is created to allow the CMS admin to publish events or promotions and place them on-line for collection by a third party. Part of the development process involved completing design recruitments and hosting the data for consumption by a third party.

The CMS application also allows an admin to create categories and associated content developed via a simple WYSIWYG editor. The goal of this would be to make it easy to distribute PDF’s or general information in an organized/categorized framework.

Further organization went into the design that included category lists, easy category navigation, links to content and the general layout/styling of admin-entered content.


Aside from supporting endless number of subcategories and every top parent category, our development team worked on:

  • Web design through client template integration and modifications
  • Editor and Calendar integration
  • Database schema design
  • Development of:
    • Login/Logout
    • User Management
    • Role Management (Gate Keeper, Production User, Guest)
    • User Dashboards
    • Event Creation / Edit / Delete
    • Promotion Creation / Edit / Delete
    • Events List View and others

In addition, we tested and re-tested the website unit and integration prior to launching. After testing, we deployed the finished product into the server and offered post-production support for minor issues, bug fixes and training.