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Bricks R Us services extends beyond simple brick engraving. They now offer consulting services to ensure campaign success. These services include marketing, public relations, order forms, mapping and tracking systems, an array of sales-related services, and an online ordering system.

Personalized engraved bricks and tiles by Bricks R Us, in the shape and size of your choice, can help you raise funds and provide donor recognition at the same time. They also offer a wide variety of type, design styles and letter sizes. They are available to engrave on clay or concrete bricks, tile products and even benches. This creates a truly distinctive look that is tailored to an exciting and meaningful project. The purpose is valid, the method is easy, and your profits are great.


The main requirement for this project was customizing the forms in the www.bricksrus.com website. Forms such as Donor Website form under the Services Module. In the functionality screen users can choose Payment Options like Electronic Check. Once the user chooses the payment option such as Electronic Check, it will display an electronic check entry form above the Payment Process Button. Then the user can easily fill out all of their payment information and click on the “Payment Process Button”. From there they are redirected to the “Final Page” with all their payment and order details. When developing this portal for Bricks R Us we completed all the requirements set, on time and with great customer satisfaction.



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