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@Mobile with T-Mobile




We first began working @Mobile before they joined forces with T-Mobile. Part of the project was based on establishing a connection between multiple stores through a centralized database. As well as develop a system to monitor over all sales and track the inventory for @Mobile.

In the back ground, the system was able to track the commission generated for each sales person. The system would then generate reports with respect to phone models, sales representative and the individual’s plan. 

Additionally, the application also enabled the user to generate and view sales reports based on specific selected criteria.


The development environment for this project was in the windows operating system (Windows XP Professional). Our Software Developers used Visual Studio 2005, Visual Source Safe 2005, and SQL server 2000, IIS and other components / software required to set up this environment.

The hardware required for this development cycle included a printer(s) configured to take letters and envelopes. While the product developed was made to work successfully in the following environment: Windows operating system with Browser IE 5.0 or above.