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Karisma Hotels

    KARISMA HOTELS       Internationally known for its beautiful beaches, Karisma Hotels has a huge presence in the US and Mexico. It features an all-inclusive brand of luxury, but Karisma had a challenge. It had a problem integrating its booking engine, in .NET and its core website in Drupal 5. The main issue was that Drupal 7 was alive and well, therefore a conversion was imminent. So after running an inventory of…

Burger King

    Burger King 2012   PROJECT SCOPE The scope of this project was to develop a dynamic application for Burger King, a client of our partner, Original Impressions. Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. They continue to serve over 11 million people from all over the world, so working with them was an honor. Every month Burger King builds a calendar of events and…

Banco de Venezuela

bith   Banco de Venezuela 2008   Description: Banco de Venezuela, a subsidiary of Spain’s Group Santander, is one of the leading providers of financial services. The Bank provides a full range of banking services to more than 3 million customers. Project Scope: We built a single application to manage the all the banking products for both the support and operational team. Also we built simple system processes such as bank payment orders functionality in…

Coconut Creek Family Law Attorney

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