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USF Fabrication


The company got its start in 1916 when Alex DeBogory Sr. established the 7th Street Bicycle Repair and Welding Company near downtown Miami. In 1937, US Foundry & Mfg. Corp was incorporated. The company built on the foundations of the 7th Street Bicycle Repair & Welding Company, as well as businesses, including U.S. Welding & Iron Works (1920-1937), United Concrete Products (formerly U.S. Precast Corp. (Inc. 1970), Florida Lift Stations Corp (Inc. 1980) and USF Fabrication, Inc. (Inc. 1996).
DeBogory believed that “a solid foundation is a prerequisite to build” whether building a bicycle or a business. He recognized that quality products, superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service would serve as a foundation.
Iblesoft implemented a drawing wizard within their website. The users can now experience the design of their materials like never before. Incorporating lead capture forms and design integration, USF has grown their internal tech mechanisms and automated their quoting and order entry process to the tune of 25% growth!