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In this day and age everything has gone digital, so why not our resumes? The difference with Resuview is that it grabs a hold of your existing resume and not only creates its own resume page, it also allows the user to create their own video experience. This lets the employer view the person applying for the job before they hire them as well as give the employer the chance to ask vital questions to their candidate. On the candidates end, they too can see a video of the employer which allows them to see the culture and values that their potential employer projects. Additionally an employer can post jobs and that anyone with a Resuview can apply for.

Technology Used:

The product is written in PHP and utilizes the latest in compression techniques, to zip up your uploaded video and embed it within a video object online. Designed from the ground up in Photoshop, sliced up and meticulously managed into the Cake framework, Resuview is a product to look out for in the future.