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Iblesoft Inc PayAnyBiz


Iblesoft Inc PayAnyBiz

The PayAnyBiz system is a financial settlement platform that provides accelerated cash flow options and automates the processing of financial transactions among companies. Cloud based and secure, this accounting system can be used as a standalone or easily integrated into a current platform. The PayAnyBiz financial system automates most cash management functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, dispute resolution, and cash flow management.

Committed to workplace productivity and a green environment, the PayAnyBiz financial system takes the paper out of paperwork. All transactions can be performed electronically with administrative approval and access functions that are available from a desktop or mobile device.


Iblesoft Inc PayAnyBiz


Development Environment:

PayAnyBiz worked alongside with our designers, developers and test team in order to re-develop, enhance and test its application. We redeveloped the .NET Application in Laravel from top to bottom for businesses with a “Soft-Lending” component.

In order to make the PayAnyBiz System the first efficient, centralized, neutral, online worldwide freight payment system for the global shipping industry. Our team of developers: 

  • Recreated functions
  • Created architecture for controllers
  • Communicated with 3rd parties for OFAC and World-check integrations
  • Created customer service component
  • Created company website and software branding component
  • Built a profit-generating software division in order to create revenue from API integrations
  • Deployed application to AWS/Cloud with implementation plan and full internal documentation.

By assembling a team of onshore and off-shore developers Iblesoft was able to build a 2-year long product in only 7 months. The final product was based on scalability and reliability within a standardized, secure platform. 

Iblesoft Inc PayAnyBiz