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Karisma Hotels - Iblesoft Portfolio



Internationally known for its beautiful beaches, Karisma Hotels has a huge presence in the US and Mexico. It features an all-inclusive brand of luxury, but Karisma had a challenge. It had a problem integrating its booking engine, in .NET and its core website in Drupal 5. The main issue was that Drupal 7 was alive and well, therefore a conversion was imminent. So after running an inventory of the existing modules, we walked through the user workflow for booking a room.

Once we identified what needed to changed, like User Experience, cookie storage modules and user email capture, we setup an integration to their bulk-email system – Constant Contact. The end result of the project was the integration and deployment of a fresh UI complete with booking engine integration. However, it also included a fully-functional user interface and a shopping cart. The shopping cart allowed users to perform upgrades based on preferences like Wine and Chocolate.