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GoodWill Industries - Iblesoft Portfolio

Goodwill LogoObjective:

Goodwill Industries is an internationally well-known benevolent organization with a history that spans over 50 years. Goodwill focuses on training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities, transitioning individuals to independence and productivity. Since they are such a large company, it was a humbling experience to work with them. Since they are the largest employers of people with disabilities, they came to Iblesoft seeking a company that was skilled in developing custom solutions of all types of users. The initial phase of analysis was critical. At first, they allowed us to walk-through their facility, introduced us to the users at all levels from administrative to executive so we could gain an all-around perspective of the software user-base. Although they had a set system, there was a huge issue to address which was Inventory & Order management. We then knew that a cloud-based .NET application was the best solution for them. By looking at it from a productivity perspective, changes to the ordering process would be critical to minimize errors and also improve user performance. As a result, we completely customized and integrated the application into every department. Additionally, training, report writing and data imports were all aspects of this project too.


A few modules that we developed and are in use: Placements, Vocational and Human Resources.

PLACEMENTS – The placements division provides training and places differently abled in jobs where they can earn by themselves.
VOCATIONAL – The vocational division collects the information of intake forms and provides the daily, monthly and yearly reports.
HUMAN RESOURCES – Finally, the Human Resources division conducts interviews for the open positions and passes the candidates to the placements division.