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Fono Libro

FonoLibro is an online audiobook retailer for the Spanish-speaking market.  They originally came to Iblesoft about 7 years ago with a concept to sell books in Spanish through an eCommerce platform.  This business has evolved over the years from selling hard copies online to downloadable audiobooks to streaming audio. As well as developing a compatible iPhone application and maximizing the latest Magento features and benefits to keep the site fresh.

Iblesoft was contracted to develop a new platform for selling audio books in a friendly and efficient way.  Fonolibro was looking for a platform that would allow customers to download audiobooks in a zip file. While also giving customers access to a purchased product list from both the website and the mobile app regardless of the platform.

The Solution

Iblesoft selected Magento as the preferred eCommerce platform for this project and developed a compatible iPhone app. We then develop a custom extension to add purchased books through the eCommerce site to the app.  Therefore, when a customer clicks a book, the Magento site or iPhone app automatically picks up the request and downloads those files to a common database. Additionally, the custom extension creates an API from the common database to feed the customer account data and files to the site and the app.  Those files are then converted into both a downloadable and streaming format depending upon the customer’s preference.

The Results

Online sales grew by 200% in the first year upon completion of the updated website and continue to grow.  Customer reviews have been consistently positive about site functionality and the quality of their service.

FonoLibro continues to work with Iblesoft for regular Magento upgrades and has an ongoing maintenance contract.