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Internet of Things

At Iblesoft we believe that our IoT services can benefit startups as well as enterprises because every business needs to be connected. Especially nowadays where the number of connected devices continues to increase. Through our IoT services businesses can improve operational performance, enhance user experience, make sense of data to increase institutional expertise and of course, connect people and information.

The basic definition of Internet of Things is developing the Internet to connect everyday objects so they can send and receive data. Simple enough. But how to exploit the benefits of this interconnectivity is what we can help your businesses do. This goes for small business devices such as phones, wearables, air condition systems all the way to industrial devices like sensors in manufacturing equipment, the supply chain or even vehicle components.

Iblesoft just wants to enable your entire business to connect by integrating processes and data. By connecting with internet-enabled devices you’d be connecting to new business possibilities too and improving user experience. That’s kind of hard not to consider looking into.

That is why we want you to take advantages of our IoT services and start building new possibilities. However, we know it’s kind of hard to jump into something you’re not too sure about. That’s understandable. You’re a business owner that is always looking to reduce risk, save money and expand. The Internet of Things services we offer can help you do that, but we also offer IoT consultants that can help better understand the power of IoT. It’s pretty simple too. Just click the cool looking button to the right and you’re already a step ahead.

The Power of IoT

The true power of IoT is its ability to combine data with advanced analytics so that both people and companies can have a tool to help make personal & business decisions.

Imagine the possibilities if every device that is part of your daily routine were connected.

Go through your daily rituals. Get up, get ready, go to work, work, go to the gym, come home, eat, go to sleep. No matter what the routine is, when you put it together, don’t you wish you could make it go faster or at least make it easier? IoT can do that.

Its technology can connect your mobile phone to pretty much any other device. It’s already so simple to handle your appointments, emails and finances among others through your phone, so why not do so with everything else in your life.

With IoT services you can connect your phone’s traffic report to your alarm, the alarm tells you the best time to get up, but you wake up late so your car connects to your emails and contacts your job to let them know you’re running late. You leave work late and the gym is closed so you decide to go for a jog. Your car takes you to the nearest park by your house and your sports wearable device tells you how long you have to go to make your goal. You end your day that much better then how you started it.

What would have stressed you out just became easier and that’s just one morning, imagine everyday.

The same idea goes for businesses. IoT is just a way to connect anything possible to make life easier. Because of its power to control so many things, IoT is changing the way businesses operate. This is what we mean by the true power of iot is its ability to combine data with advanced analytics so that both consumers and companies can have a tool to help them make personal & professional decisions.

IoT data can be combined with advanced analytics and cognitive computing so that businesses can learn how to improve and make better decisions. IoT doesn’t just connect devices or give you insight; it can also help build a new business model. With all of these advantages it is easier to not only operate a business, but also find new ways to make money with the business.

Our IoT services are available for every industry because it can benefit everyone. Regardless if its a maintenance, retail, medicine, digital or even an agricultural business, the Internet of Things has a solution.

Advantages of IoT
Our IoT solutions do more than help customers and businesses make better decisions.
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